Ronaldo Fulieri

Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) - Brisbane campus

Yuka Shigeno

Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) - Brisbane campus

My father, who was a doctor practiced Chinese medicine to save so many lives, passed away just after I graduated from University in 2003. This incidence drew my attention to an importance of alternative medicine which can be integrated with conventional medicine.

In 2006, my dream finally came true to study alternative medicine in Australia. I was fascinated by a naturopathic approach to illness or disease by balancing people's mind, body and spirit which is very different from the conventional medicine approach. I believe hope that is given by the alternative practitioner for recovering gives the strength to patients to overcome the illness.

I believe Australia is a country where it provides the best quality of education of alternative medicine in advanced level. We had amazing lectures with deep understanding of herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, iris analysis, physiology, pharmacology, clinical practice... etc. Each of them had strong passion for practicing alternative medicine which was very encouraging for us to trust for our future in this field.

Almost a half of my classmates had different professional experience before studying the course. They were filled with a passion to learn all the new things and willing to support one another. I met so many wonderful friends from different parts of world who share the same value in life.

After my fantastic experience studying at Endeavour I went back to Tokyo and had worked for a Nutritional therapy clinic for 2 years. Now I am doing marketing for a company that runs a herbal medicine school, spa salon and skin care product company. I believe that complementary medicine sector is growing and will grow more in Japan and if you have passion and desire you can make changes to others and your solid belief will attract the things you will need in your life.

Akiko Yagi

Diploma of Remedial Massage - Melbourne campus

I came to Melbourne in 2008 on a working holiday visa. After one year, I wanted to learn something useful in English and found massage therapy interesting. Since I had been suffering from stiff shoulders for many years, I thought it would be great if I study about the body mechanism and how to maintain my body healthy.

I wanted to take up the Diploma of remedial massage course to study more professional contents. Endeavour offered affordable and shorter course than the other schools, and it had a good reputation of high quality massage education. In addition, the location of the school is too good to pass up! Endeavour Melbourne campus is in the centre of Melbourne and has good access to public transportation as well as nice restaurants and fashion shops are just around the corner.

I enjoyed the classes that we learned massage techniques the most. Sometimes I fell asleep while we paired up and practiced on one another because it was just too good to keep myself awake! Dealing with real clients in a real clinic situation was quite interesting and challenging. All clients have different reasons why they come in for a massage so that we had to make a plan and massage as appropriate according to clients’ condition and needs. It was the most difficult part of my study however I could manage by great helps from the experienced-teachers!

Teachers are very supportive and considerate of the international students. Especially the Senior Lecturer of Remedial Massage was a one of the greatest teachers. She always asked us how our study was going on to make sure whether we keep up with classes and if there is a problem she sorted it out straightaway! If she had not helped me, I could not have been able to complete my course for sure.

I was lucky as I had kept in touch with the Senior Lecturer even after I graduated, she offered me jobs as a massage therapist when Endeavour held events and as a tutor to help and supervise students when they were in the clinic. When the big tsunami and earthquake hit Japan in March 2011, I immediately contacted her to borrow some massage chairs and other necessary equipment for a charity massage event to raise funds. Endeavour also allowed us to hold charity massage events at the teaching clinic and we raised quite a lot of funds.

I had worked in the graduate clinic which was open for people who recently graduated from courses at Endeavour for 2 years. It was an absolutely great start to build up my career within a familiar environment. Unfortunately the graduate clinic is now closed but now I have work in a clinic in a busy fitness club and also treat clients at my place.

The course included several practical and useful techniques, such as lymphatic drainage massage, pregnancy massage, MFR, MET, PRT... thus I can provide appropriate techniques according to client’s needs. I still use the lecture notes to brush up my skills and knowledge quite often.

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