Refund Policy

If an applicant accepts a place offered by the College and pays the fees, this means a binding contract is created between the student and the College. This agreement, and the availability of Refund Policy - International, and the Complaints and Appeals Policy - International, does not remove the right of the student to take action under Australia's consumer protection laws.

The enrolment fee of AUD$250 is only refundable if the College defaults in the delivery of a course before it starts.

If a student visa is refused, the College will retain 5% of the total course fees paid up to a maximum amount of $500. Other refund amounts are set out in the table below.

Reason for or timing of Cancellation Refund Provided
Cancellation more than 1 month prior to course commencement date Full refund of tuition fees provided.
Cancellation less than 1 month prior to commencement date Full refund of tuition fees less $200 AUD per subject cancellation fee (retained by the College)
Cancellation after start of semester/trimester, up to Friday of week 4 Full refund of tuition fees less $300 AUD per subject cancellation fee (retained by the College)
Cancellation after Friday of week 4 of a semester/trimester No refund of tuition fees provided
Cancellation of student’s enrolment due to misbehaviour including failure to pay fees or breach of visa conditions No refund of tuition fees provided.
In the event of provider default* Full refund of all unused tuition fees

Tuition fees’ refers to the cost of tuition only and does not cover enrolment fees, books, uniforms, equipment or compulsory international health insurance.

*Provider default can include the College being unable to provide the course, the course not being provided in full to the student, or any sanctions being imposed upon the College relating to provision of the course.

Further information on refunds can be found in the Refund Policy - International.

Process for Claiming a Refund

  1. Before a student can apply for a refund:
    • the College must have received money into its accounts as cleared funds
    • the student’s course or subject cancellation must have been processed, and
    • the student must pay/settle any other debts owing to the College, such as library fines. If you fail to do so, the College reserves the right to deduct outstanding debts or fines owing from the refund amount.
  2. Students should refer to this policy to check whether their refund claim is valid. If unsure, the student should seek advice from a student adviser.
  3. Students are required to write to the Director, Student Services requesting a refund of their fees. This letter must include the reason the request is being submitted and original documentary evidence should be attached where applicable.
  4. Once the student’s request has been received and the approval process completed, the student adviser will contact the student with information regarding the approval or decline of the refund requested.
  5. If a student’s refund request is valid a refund will be made within four weeks of the College receiving the request in writing.
  6. Refunds will be made by cheque or EFT in Australian dollars only.
  7. Refunds will only be made to a nominated person/sponsor who initially paid the student fees.
  8. Scholarship and sponsored students' refunds will only be paid to the scholarship provider or sponsoring body.
  9. If a student is dissatisfied with the outcome of the refund request, the student may lodge an appeal with the Director - Student Services within 20 working days of being informed of the decision. The formal complaints and appeals procedure begins when the student completes the formal complaints form and submits the completed form directly to a Student Adviser.

Tuition Protection

Course fees for international students studying on an Australian student visa are protected by the Tuition Protection Service under the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000. Detailed information about the way tuition protection is managed within the College is available in the Refund Policy – International.

Further details about the Australian government’s Tuition Protection Service can be found at:

In accordance with the legislated requirements of the ESOS Act, the College is unable to accept tuition fees for more than one semester/trimester in advance.

As part of the requirements of the Tuition Protection Service, the College maintains an account exclusively for tuition fees received from international students studying on a student visa. The College pays any tuition fees received from student visa holders into this account within 5 working days of receiving these fees. The College ensures that there is a sufficient balance in the account at all times to repay tuition fees to all non-commenced students that have applied to study on a student visa. The money held in this account is unable to be used to cover any other debts.

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